Not Achieved
This promise was made Pre-Election

Ending the expulsions of politically active university students (“starring”)


Promise Clarification from the RM Research Team: In the Iranian political lexicon, the term starred students typically refers to university students who have been prohibited from further studies because of their political and civil activism. The readmission of starred students was a campaign promise made by Hassan Rouhani. After assuming office, he quickly began to work on this promise. Rouhani Meter marked this promise as achieved after conducting extensive research and speaking with a number of starred students who had been re-admitted to university.      It should be noted that since the 1979 Revolution, followers of the Baha’i faith have been entirely prohibited from enrolling in Iranian universities. This prohibition continues unassuaged to this day. The Rouhani Meter research team recognizes this and other clear and grave human rights violations faced by religious minorities in Iran, in particular, the Baha’is. However, we must consider that Hassan Rouhani’s promise referred to students prohibited from academic studies because of their political and civil activism. Therefore, we cannot factor in the continued prohibition of Baha’is from attending university when assessing the achievement of this promise.


Readmitting students and reinstating professors who were expelled or forced into early retirement because of their political views have proved to be a priority in Rouhani’s administration. Recently the minister of labour issued an order making the early retirement of faculty members illegal. Based on reliable reports from Iran concerning the return of many professors to work and confirmation from students previously banned that they have been readmitted, the RouhaniMeter is updating the status of this promise to “Achieved.”