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About Us

Rouhani Meter is a project that aims to monitor the accomplishment of promises made by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. It is inspired by Morsi Meter, which was created by a group of young Egyptians to observe the actions taken by then Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, towards the promises that he had made. Rouhani Meter is an independent project by ASL19, which initially benefited from the support of the University of Toronto.

Rouhani Meter uses accessible and reliable information to report on the accomplishment of promises with accuracy and impartiality. We have listed clear and achievable promises made by President Rouhani and have organized them in four categories: Foreign Policy, Economy, Domestic Policy, and Socio-cultural Matters.

We are eager to hear your comments and suggestions about how we can increase the quality and effectiveness of this project. If you have any suggestions or concerns please message us through the Community Watch section, at the bottom of the main page, or through Rouhani Meter’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram accounts.

Our Ratings

  • Achieved

    The promise is mostly or completely fulfilled.

  • Compromised

    When promises are accomplished less than the original promise but when there is still a significant accomplishment that is consistent with the goal of the original promise.

  • In progress

    The promise is in the works or is being considered.

  • Not achieved

    This could occur because of inaction by the administration or lack of support from the legislative branch or other groups and factors that was critical for the promise to be fulfilled. This rating does not necessarily mean that the administration failed to push for its fulfilment.

  • Stalled

    There is no movement on the promise, perhaps because of financial limitations, opposition from lawmakers or higher ranks or a change in priorities.

  • Inactive

    Every promise begins at this level and retains this rating until we see evidence of progress or evidence that the promise has been shelved.