Not Achieved
This promise was made Pre-Election

Control Iran’s inflation

Status Update (Feb 2014): Controling Iran’s inflation was one of Rouhani’s top promises both prior to and after the election. In his 100 day report, Rouhani stated that his administration aims to reduce the inflation rate to 35 percent by the end of the current Persian year. He also added that by the end of the next Persian year, the inflation rate would reach as low as 25 percent.
Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, spokesperson of Rouhani’s government, has recently announced that the government has been successful in achieving this goal and the ever increasing inflation rate has so far been controlled. This claim has also been supported by the monthly reports of the Central Bank of Iran and Statistical Center of Iran.As a result, Rouhani Meter’s research team has decided to mark this promise as “achieved.” It should be noted that the research team will continue monitoring this promise and its statues may change depending on future economic reports or new information from credible sources regarding Iran’s economy.