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Rouhani Meter Second Year Report

The Rouhani Meter team is excited to bring you the Second Year Anniversary Report of the performance of Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani. The report will evaluate the performance of the 11th Administration of Iran as the second year of Rouhani’s presidency concludes.

This report is divided into four categories: Sociocultural, Domestic Policy, Economy, and Foreign Policy. The report evaluates the performance of the 11th Administration, with a focus on the campaign promises of Mr. Rouhani and his cabinet.

Similar to its first year, the administration’s top priority was Iran’s nuclear program and the lifting of international sanctions. In this regard, it can be said that great strides have been made towards achieving this goal, and should the Nuclear Deal be implemented within the year, the administration will have fulfilled this campaign promise.

In the economic realm, despite successes in lowering the inflation rate, the administration has faced challenges in ending the recession, decreasing unemployment rates, increasing foreign investment, and reforming the exchange market and subsidy systems.

In the sociocultural realm, the administration successfully achieved the promise of reviving the National and Symphony Orchestras. On the other hand, no notable progress has been made in the unlocking of popular social media networks, which is especially of concern to the young population. With regards to public health, the administration has successfully implemented the universal health insurance as the administration promised.

In its second year, the administration’s weakest performance has again been in Domestic Policy. In particular, Rouhani’s government has failed to end the imprisonment of political prisoners and the house arrest of Green Movement leaders, which were amongst Rouhani’s most important promises. The reinstatement of the bureau of political parties can be named amongst the administration’s few achievements in Domestic Policy.

Coming soon, in this report, we will examine the administration’s real accomplishments and analyze them against Rouhani’s campaign promises. By providing an overview of the administration’s real progress in the past two years, Rouhani Meter offers Iranians and the international community a closer look at the promises that have yielded tangible results, and those that have not seen progress.

Rouhani Meter Second Year Report

Rouhani Meter Second Year Report


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