Not Achieved
This promise was made Post-Election

Supporting the reinstatement of dismissed or banished teachers


In the last two years ending Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s second-term government, a number of teachers that had protested to their living conditions were either arrested, expelled or were sent to exile by the time Ministry of Education, Ministry of Intelligence and the Judiciary, a move that was aimed at banning the activities of teachers’ professional associations and organizations. A number of the teachers were disputing the lack of a homogenous system in their monthly salaries. Some were members of the teacher’s professional associations that had been formed or expanded their activities during the so-called “the reform era” of former president Mohammad Khatami.

During the 2009 post-election crackdown of public protrests, a number of the teachers and well-known figures of the teachers’ professional associations were also arrested, incarcerated, imprisoned or forced to live in exile.

Based on the official figures, the total number of the teachers and employees actively employed by the Ministry of Education in Iran is estimated to be 1, 013, 655, out of which 481,000 employees are male teachers and ministry’s staff and 532, 000 are female.

During the election campaign of Hassan Rouhani, four teachers’ professional organizations released a joint statement and officially expressed support for his presidency. They also asked Mr. Rouhani to not only resolve the teachers’ professional challenges but also improve their working conditions in an atmosphere of extreme security surveillance.

During his presidential election campaigns, candidate Hassan Rouhani had promised to fulfill the demands of the teachers. Ali Asghar Fani, Minister of Education in president Rouhani’s cabinet has also stressed that it will pay special attention to teachers’ status quo.

The Minister of Education has even informed the public that he has sent a letter to the head of the country’s powerful judiciary and demanded the release of imprisoned teachers.