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Providing universal health insurance


Providing universal health insurance for Iranians is one of Rouhani’s promises and it was also mentioned by the Minister of Health, Seyed Hasan Ghazizade Hashemi, in his proposing plan to the parliament. According to articles 32 to 39 of the Fifth Development Plan, providing universal health insurance is a mandatory duty of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour, Cooperatives and Welfare, in which there has been an emphasis on “increasing justice by reducing the share of family payments to up to thirty percent of healthcare costs”.

Also, according to Article 29 of Iran’s constitution, “to benefit from social security with respect to retirement, unemployment, old age, disability, absence of a guardian, and benefits relating to being stranded, accidents, health services, and medical care and treatment, provided through insurance or other means, is accepted as a universal right. The government must provide the foregoing services and financial support to every individual citizen by drawing, in accordance with the law, on the national revenues and funds obtained through public contributions.”

Despite this emphasis on universal health insurance in the law, at least 7 to 10 percent of the general public have no health insurance in Iran. Rasoul Khezri, a member of the parliament’s health committee has confirmed that “over ten million people in Iran do not have health insurance”.

Multiplication of health costs was a result of the implementation of the “Iranian subsidy reform plan” and price liberalization that started in 2010, the result of which was the imposement of medical costs on the people. During the presidential election in 2013, the dissatisfaction of those not covered by any insurance led to an electoral demand of “reduction of the people’s share of medication and treatment costs”. The response of Rouhani’s administration to these demands was the promise to “provide universal health insurance”.

On April 9th, Ali Rabiei, Minister of Labor, Cooperative and Welfare, formally declared that “from this date onward, insurance will be universal for all Iranians and whoever who does not have insurance can refer to Iranian health desks of the government.”

As registration for health insurance was made open to the public on April 21st, 2014, the Rouhani Meter research team, accordingly, updated the status of the promise “Providing Universal Health Insurance” to “in progress”.


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