Not Achieved
This promise was made Pre-Election

Preventing the application of further sanctions in the future


Update (November 27th 2013) As indicated by the Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister, Javad Zarif, the agreement reached in Geneva can be revoked if either one of the parties involved is not satisfied with the others compliance. He said that, “After six months or even before that time, if either Iran or the P5+1 feels that the other is not complying with the agreement, it can be rescinded.” The Minister also asserted that the agreement is not legally binding for the parties involved and compliance to it is voluntary.

Full realization of the Geneva agreement can only become evident later on and requires continual cooperation from both sides, especially Iran. Furthermore, given the legal interpretation made by Mr. Zarif and its provisional nature, this agreement is fragile.

At present both sides still strive to establish trust and have only taken preliminary steps towards the removal of the sanctions regime. Thus, we cannot be certain that Iran’s acceptance of the Geneva agreement will stop the creation of further sanctions. However, its commitment to this agreement shows that the Iranian government has taken action towards the accomplishment of this promise.

Status Update: Preventing the application of further sanctions in the future was among Hassan Rouhani’s campaign promises. His administration has proved to be going in the direction of translating this promise into action.